Boring Blog Posts? 6 Ways to Make Your Posts Pop!

Dog Died of Boredom Reading Your Blog

How many times have you read a blog post and thought how boring it was? There are lots of ways to make your posts come alive with interesting content, the right layout and carefully chosen images. Here are 6 ways to make your posts pop!

1. Give Step by Step Info

Providing information in an easy “how-to” style is an amazingly simple suggestion, but this type of article offers loads of value and actually helps your visitor by answering a question they already have on their mind. This can also aid in bringing in search traffic, because people do actually search with entire questions, such as “How to fix a Mansfield toilet?”

2. Break It Into Chunks

I’ve noticed articles that use numbers in them really do get a better response. For example:

“The 8 Ways to Increase Sales”  or  “The 3 Most Common Ways to Make Money Working From Home”.

There is just something about breaking content into groupings or a finite number that attracts people’s attention. In fact, you may find that older articles you’ve written could be retro-fitted with this style to appear fresh and new.

3. Tell real stories giving details about success or failure loaded with solid lessons.

People don’t just want to be told how to do something, they are actively interested in what prompted you to do it and what happened along the way.…

Prioritize Your Leads and Increase Your Close Ratio

Prioritize Leads

You know, there are always going to be a fair number of people kicking the tires on your website, right? Not everybody who visits your website closes and becomes a lead. It is just a fact. So what is the best way to improve the amount of time spent with quality prospects?

We all know that our time is critical and one way to make the best use of that precious time is by prioritizing our sales calls. Simply by asking a caller some important qualifying questions will quickly establish whether the caller is worth prioritizing at that point or whether they are not yet ready to buy.

A Little Education and Information

You can tell right away if they’re just in the very preliminary stages, they’re doing a little bit of research and they’re not really sure. That’s an ideal client for an e-series, where perhaps each instalment directs them to a YouTube video that educates them. That person who is in the very preliminary stages and just trying to gain information, simply wants educating. They’re looking for information, but not yet asking the “buying” questions.

A significant chunk of that educating can be done automatically over a period of time with various technology – auto responders, video, emails, and white paper reports – all without draining resources or requiring a sales team to commit their time.…

The Curse of Unfocused Thinking


I don’t know about you, but I always feel disorganized if I don’t have an actual physical representation or a written note to focus my mind. Something that reminds me of those things I’m working on, or what I have to do. I might need that non-digital prompting many times or it’s simply forgotten.

You know how it is… some other priority comes into view and the first project stays half-finished. The trouble is it isn’t just one half-finished project that gets put to one side and the cumulative effect of these half-projects can be very disturbing. Your brain starts to spin around in circles because you feel there is absolutely too much to do.

Your brain pops from one thing to the next thing, to the next thing, to the next thing… Finally, in an effort to gain an immediate sense of accomplishing at least one thing, you start doing something that’s less important, but quick to achieve.

Narrow It Down

In the same way, it’s possible to make lead generation a bigger challenge than it really is. I often meet clients who have visitors coming to their website who have found their company through a variety of highly targeted keywords, but the site is missing a critical ingredient.…

The 4 Pillars of Effective Lead Generation

4 Pillars Lead Generation

Pillar #1:

Business Bottlenecks — Five Simple Ways to Improve the Quality of your Leads

Most of us can remember sitting in the back seat of the family car on a vacation trip with our parents, watching the billboards go by on the highway. Ten miles to Playland, eight miles to go, just six more miles to Playland…

As you started to count down the signs, you got more and more excited about visiting a place you’d never even heard of before. You thought, gosh, this place has got to be amazing. And when you arrived there, you realized nobody would ever drive there as a destination. It was nothing more than maybe a restaurant or a couple of fast food places, some amusement rides, and of course gift shops to take your money.

That was your first lesson about the power of advertising — repeating something over and over again builds interest. They even had billboards after you’ve passed their location, asking you to turn around! Those were the days when the advertiser didn’t really care about the quality of your visit, or whether you would be a repeat visitor. But they sure knew how to lead you right to their business!…

Phone Leads: How to Increase Inbound Phone Calls

More Calls

You’re going to want to track phone numbers. Why? So much with the Internet today centers around email. People are heavily focused on email because it’s an outstanding platform. But for higher-priced sales, my customers notice a huge difference in prospects who call on the phone. They’re more interested. They want answers now. They don’t want to fill out a form and wait. Getting those customers to a telephone is critical.

The Immediacy of Phone Leads

It’s important to make sure you match the mode of communication with the type of leads you’re pursuing. Forms and emails are popular on the Internet, and it’s very easy for people to just put a form in front of potential customers. However, certain types of leads really don’t fit a form.

Let’s assume you’re house shopping and you go on the Internet. You find a house you like, you read about it, and it looks really good. Now, would you want to fill out a form and maybe get a call back tomorrow while you’re at work, or sometime next week?

No, you want to know more about it now. If you fill out a form you never know how quickly somebody is going to get back to you.…

6 Key Elements of a Killer Offer Page

speical offer

Driving traffic to your offer page is absolutely critical; this is where the rubber meets the road. You can do all kinds of clever things to get your leads to that money-making junction, but if you fail to create a message that reaches out of the screen and grabs them where it counts…better do your homework and start again.

There are six key components of an effective offer page:

1. The Offer

This can be a double-edged sword, as many marketers will tell you. If you make an offer that is too attractive, like a trip to Hawaii, or a couple of free plane tickets or $10,000, what ends up happening is that you get loads of unqualified prospects, people who are simply responding for the offer.

Now if you’ve got an extremely attractive offering that’s very, very broad – that your sales people are trying to sell – you can sometimes make these leads work. But in most cases for strategic lead generators, what you want is an offering that can be digitally deployed. If you can instantly deliver your offering to that person, great! People want things now; getting their hands on something now is very compelling.

Webinars are a great offering.…

Marketing R&D and Its Critical Role in a Power Lead Gen System

Market Research

When they asked Thomas Edison about the many failures he endured while trying to invent the light bulb, he replied:

“I did not fail. I just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

That’s pretty well what Marketing R&D is all about. It’s not a term that many people use. But it’s the terminology that I use because I want people to understand that just like investing in research and development for science, we have to do research with our marketing. We have to test.

The results you get back are extremely valuable to your organization’s marketing efforts. And too often people view failed marketing campaigns as an excuse to say something doesn’t work. Well, we did some pay-per-click advertising, but we didn’t get a lot of sales from it, so it doesn’t work for us. We did some email advertising, but that didn’t work. I challenge that. I think it’s healthier to look at it as an investment in marketing R&D. Because you will almost always learn something from a campaign.

They’re Sending You a Message

If you’re looking for it — if you see the clues, or if you can see some patterns — you’ll learn something. Almost always, you will have a bright spot in the campaign.…

Are We Experiencing a B2B Content Bubble?

Can you imagine standing on a podium with an audience that you don’t know and a big microphone in front of you – and having nothing to say? Or reading out a two-liner weather forecast for the day, telling your audience you had an office party yesterday afternoon for your receptionist, and asking if anyone would like to see pictures of the cake?

That’s not me, you say, I wouldn’t do that. Those items may be important to a few people (20 years of loyal service is important to your receptionist and your company), but not to everybody.

The Facebook “Microphone”

Now consider a Facebook page, or other social network presence. At over 600 million active daily users, Facebook is one of the biggest microphones there is. The same principle applies: for speaking into any social media ‘microphone’, you need to have something pertinent or interesting to say to people who are there to hear it. If not, your time and effort should be applied elsewhere.

So why then do so many businesses feel compelled to communicate via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or other sites, irrespectively of whether they have information to relate that will interest their audience? And not to only grab the microphone, but to do so on a weekly or even daily basis?…

Do You Know Your REAL Target?

I was speaking with a client and dear friend yesterday about creating a system to generate more leads and business.

As I often do, I apply the TONE system.  TONE stands for Target, Offer, Nurture, Exposure and it it’s a great acronym to keep in mind when developing a business building campaign.

So naturally we started talking about his target.  He went on to tell me the type of businesses he wanted to work with and gave me tips and insights about their psychology.  It was all very interesting and I took some great notes.

However, I followed up with the question, where does most of your business come from now?

His response: “Referrals from other attorneys.”


So I asked him… “Isn’t that then your target?  I mean, if that’s working well now then why don’t you seek ways to multiply that and facilitate more referrals?”

I think it’s common to disregard where our business comes from today in favor of where it could come from tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about seeking opportunity… but why so often do people ignore what’s working now?  Has it been maximized?  Can it be increased?

What if we did a campaign to invite more referrals?  What if we focused on the key reasons other attorneys refer business business, distill that down to a compelling and informative nurture sequence and use it to find more referrers?…

Final Cover Design

After much back and forth and contemplation… we have the final cover for The Art of Lead Generation.

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